Movieposter for Annihilation. Colorful Marblepattern is in the background, a vanishing shape carrying a  military rucksack. The word "Annihilation" in vibrant violett is written at the bottom.

a for annihilation

A movieposter showing common B-Movie themes such as vampires, an UFO, a tarantula, a killerclown and a gunslinger.

b for b-movie

Movieposter for Clueless. Five women in 90s sport attire are standing in front of a yellow plaid pattern, which is iconic for the movie.

c for clueless

Movieposter for drive. A collection of things is displayed: driving gloves, keys and a rabbit's foot, sunglasses, toothpicks and a toothpick box, a folded Jacket with a scorpion on the back

d for drive

Poster for Ghibli movies. Displayed are dishes for different anime movies by the company: a bowl of rice, a bowl of ramen, a pan with bacon and eggs, a wooden block with steamed buns, a plate with a pancake, a cut salami and a tomato, a wooden bowl with a soup, a casserole with a golden crust.

g for ghibli

A movieposter for the movie suspiria, the 2018 version. In the background  there is a wall with an opening. The opening is closed with a patterned curtain. Above you will find a kind of balcony. In front of the wall there a table and some old fashioned tape rolls on the left and a ballet pole on the right. In the immediate front you will see a woman with long grey hair, closed eyes and fallen face features. Left and right of her, the word „suspiria“ is written in a dark blue.

s for suspiria

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