A cheerful kitchen in the colors lilac, pink, mint, yellow and an ink outline in dark blue. We see a big sink, a tile background with different colored tiles. A Glasvase with flowers stands on the right. Kitchen appliances, chopping board and shelves with clutter and boxes sit underneath. Some pattern as stars, triangles, dots and so on can be seen on the surfaces.

80s pastel kitchen

A living room. A small, old fashioned couch stands in the foreground. A fish shapes cushion lies on it. A second one lies behind it. On the right side, we see a sideboard with a lamp, two plants, books and two closed shelves. Lon the left side, another, bigger plant is standing. Above the couch in the background you can see a lot of framed and unframed pictures, a kit cat clock and a neon sign spelling „wow“. The colors are mainly in the red or green area, the ink outline ist a dark green.

maximalist living room

A writers room. A brown wooden desk is standing in the middle, a padded chair in front of it. On the table there is an teal typewriter, a mug and a half emptied French press. A big table lamp sheds some light on the scene. Behind the desk, a frames picture of whirling warm colors is to be seen. A shelf filled with a rubber duck, some paper, a succulent and a glass bottle with a brown liquid is there as well. Left to the table a book shelf is standing, filled with books, snow globes, picture frames, boxes with written numbers in them. Right of the table, a window opens to a sunset laden sky. We see the cracked paint of the frame. Beneath it, a small sideboard with a switched off lamp and some LP records can be seen.

70s writer's office

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